Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Whata gona do when I appear?!!

Everyone is talking about Nicki Minaj. For sure she's not so bad..But anyhow, I think Azealia Banks is much better and original. My favorable song of her is 212. Let's dance..:D.

Summertime I miss you..Can't get enough.

I really don't like winter, that's why I'm posting some pictures from summertime and places I've been to in the past years..=D.  Yeah, for sure you'll get hungry watching these pictures..;). Xoxo.

Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

flower power

Listen to the sound of the flower.

dancing with tears in my eyes.


Don't you agree that this song makes you want to turn the radio louder and sing along? When I heard this song for the first time I just had to turn the radio louder and sing along although I had never heard it befor. :).